Fine clients to get hookers off the street

Sunday Star Times 6 May 2007
A review of prostitution laws will propose fining clients who buy sex off street workers in an effort to limit the industry to brothels. The prostitution industry has been under review by a United Future-led group and the Ministry of Justice since it was legalised in 2003. Both reports have considered numbers of prostitutes now working, health and safety issues, and anecdotal stories around women being brought into New Zealand specifically to work in the industry. Inland Revenue figures on the number of prostitutes are not available because there is no industry tax code, but there are believed to be around 6000 in New Zealand…..Penalties for buyers would be “an absolute key recommendation” of the report, which had “huge support” from women’s groups. It would also re-introduce policing of the industry to crack down on underage prostitution and violent behaviour by clients. Copeland said the report would also recommend halving the number of prostitutes who can work in suburban brothels from four to two, and cracking down on underage prostitutes by getting at least two forms of identification for brothel workers.