The areas girls are most likely to get pregnant

UK Telegraph 02 Apr 07
Statistics revealed by the Government show where in the country schoolgirls are most likely to become pregnant.

In the worst areas one in every 50 underage girl becomes pregnant while still at school – giving England and Wales the highest teenage birth rate in Western Europe. Some academics believe the Government policy of more sex education and freely available contraception such as the morning-after pill is having an adverse effect. They say although it works for some youngsters other children can become either pressured or encouraged to become sexually active because of the availability of contraception.Prof David Paton, an economist at the Nottingham University Business School, has researched the figures and believes that some of the measures to reduce teenage pregnancy rates can be counter-productive. He said: “The underlying social deprivation of an area, family breakdown rates and religion seems to have a greater effect on teenage pregnancy rates than more obvious policies such as sex education or providing access to family planning. “The danger with this sort of approach is that it can lead to an increase in risky sexual behaviour among some young people.”;jsessionid=M0PRDJ3DHWL2FQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/04/02/nbaby02.xml