Parents lavished lavish gifts on children to compensate for lack of quality time

The Evening Standard UK 01 Apr 07
Guilt-ridden working parents are splashing out over pounds 100 a month on treats for their children to compensate for a lack of quality time with them, a new report shows.One in five working parents in the UK admit to lavishing extra cash on their kids because they feel so guilty at spending so much time at work.

Research from Skipton Building Society reveals that almost a quarter of these working mums and dads with primary aged kids shell out at least pounds 1,200 a year on their offspring to make up for lost family hours – equal to nearly five per cent of the average annual income in the UK. With the average Briton now working 42.4 hours per week, the findings highlight that 23 per cent of the working parents surveyed spend as little as ten hours per working week with their child – with the figure rising to over a third (35 per cent) amongst dads.