Women still want to be stay-at-home mums

NZ Herald 25 Nov 06
Women still want to be stay-at-home mums – but research suggests they may not be as happy as they expected. A Massey University sociologist, who has done two pilot studies in Wellington, says women still plan to stop paid work for three to five years after having children and then go back to work only part time.
Those old traditional patterns are still there,” Dr Lesley Patterson said. “I thought they might have shifted a bit more. I’m surprised at how gendered the division of labour still is.” Auckland University sociologist Maureen Baker said local mothers still dropped out of paid work more than in other developed nations. Only 43 per cent of Kiwi mums with children under 3 were in paid work, compared with 59 per cent in Canada. And when they went back to work, half of working Kiwi mums with two or more children worked only part time, compared with fewer than a third of working mums in Canada. Yet a Social Development Ministry study found that almost half of stay-at-home mums wanted to get paid work.

Bob’s Comment: “wanted to get paid work” OR “financially HAD to get work because of being penalised as stay-at-home mum”