Stay-at-home mums ‘made to feel guilty’

Dominion Post 11 Nov 06
Society stigmatises stay-at-home mums and makes them feel guilty, according to a new report that calls on the Government to stump up extra cash to help parents. A Families Commission study on parenting, employment and childcare, published today, interviewed 40 mothers for their views on balancing paid work and parenting.The report, by Massey University researcher Mervyl McPherson, said there was a “widespread perception” among participants that mothers were expected to both work and care for their children – and that they were made to feel guilty if they chose one over the other. The report said the New Zealand ideal was for women to work part-time in their normal occupations, and for fathers to share responsibility for childcare while working fulltime,2106,3856989a11,00.html