Child database ‘will ruin family privacy’

UK Telegraph 22 Nov 06
Parents will be devalued and family privacy shattered by the mass surveillance of all 12 million children in England and Wales, says a report today commissioned by Parliament’s Information Commissioner. In what is likely to be a major embarrassment to Tony Blair, it says proposals for a ?224 million database containing details of every child will waste millions of pounds, undermine parental authority and actually put children in more danger.The report comes amid Government fanfare about “supporting” parents with parenting classes backed by a “super nanny” army of child psychologists. Mr Blair defended the super nanny idea saying it was right to give families a “helping hand”. “No one’s talking about interfering with normal family life,” he added.But experts in child protection, law and computers, who have written today’s report, express astonishment that a Government which emphasises the importance of good parenting also plans to devalue the status of the mother and father with a Big Brother surveillance system which violates the law and is not secure. Such a system may also hold inaccurate information, tarnishing families or children unfairly. “Families’ privacy and autonomy is being shattered as the Government puts them all under surveillance,” they say. “Government policy proposes treating all parents as if they cannot be trusted to bring up their children.”;jsessionid=2UF5QDWHIFSPNQFIQMFSFFWAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2006/11/22/nchild22.xml

Database Details ‘harm children’
BBC News 22 Nov 06

Bob’s note – this is what NZ’s Children Commissioner wants in NZ!!! NANNY STATE!