Parents eat more than childless couples

UK Evening Standard 29 Dec 06
Every parent knows the temptation of eating up their children’s leftovers. But all those bits of ice cream, crisps and other salty snacks are taking their toll. New research shows it adds up to the equivalent in saturated fat of an entire pepperoni pizza a week. For the first time researchers have counted up the fat consumed by adults living with children and compared it to the amount eaten by those living in child-free homes.They found parents eat an extra 5 grams of fat daily – including 1.7 grams of the most unhealthy saturated fat linked to heart disease. That’s around one-quarter of the total ‘permitted’ amount of fat an adult should be eating a day – and equivalent to a pepperoni pizza a week in saturated fat alone. Living with children also means you are more likely to eat foods such as cheese, ice cream, beef, pizza and salty snacks, says a report in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.