Nurses slam NZ’s binge-drinking carnage

Southland Times 18 October 2006
They have been sworn at and vomited on by the booze-fuelled brawlers and destructive drink-drivers who some of us call friends. They have worked through the blood and the incoherent screams to save the lives of these people, while their colleagues saved the victims. However, by yesterday, the nurses in Southland Hospital’s emergency department wanted someone to share responsibility for the lives they mend every week.In a frank and unprecedented interview, eight of the hospital’s frontline staff said they were frustrated so many people were allowed to drink themselves, and others, into their care. The litany of drink-related assaults and crashes they have dealt with during the past year have been well documented but their reaction to the senselessness has not.,2106,3831941a11,00.html?source=email