Mummy wars

UK Telegraph 24 Oct 06
They are called the “mummy wars” – the intense and often bitter debates between women over whether it is right to return to full-time work after having children. Working mothers dismiss stay-at-home mothers as idle, with nothing better to do than drive around in their Renault Espaces listening to Winnie the Pooh tapes, while non-working mothers criticise working mothers as too wrapped up in their careers to care about their children.The conflict is reignited today by research showing that as many as one in five mothers thinks that working women equal bad mothers. Against the background of a national debate about childhood, and who decides what makes “a good mother”, a study of 2,134 women found that nearly half felt they should support their families financially as much as their husbands do.However 21 per cent of those with children were disparaging of working mothers, saying they gave motherhood a bad name.