Marriage is still cool, says Generation Y

ASB Press Release – 21 Dec 06
Getting married and starting a family is high on the list of priorities for New Zealand youth, according to a new survey. The ASB Youth Confidence Index surveyed 2,060 14-29 year olds between March and November this year through 18 Ltd, 18tracker. “Buying a home and going on an OE is quite low in the ranking of importance, especially among those who are working, but kids and marriage is right up there,” says Jonathan Symons, Head of Marketing, ASB. “You have to wonder how the housing boom is affecting this generation; maybe New Zealand youth are choosing a different path than what has gone before?”Surprisingly, the Index showed parents may be more influential than expected, with family relationships being valued with a score of 7.8 – 10 being “fantastic” and 0 “not the best”.