Fatherless babies in fertility revolution

Sunday Telegraph 10 Dec 06
A child’s need for a father will no longer be a consideration when a woman seeks fertility treatment, ministers will say this week. The move – which comes despite widespread public opposition and which will give single women and lesbians the right to treatment – forms part of a shake-up of Britain’s embryology laws. One of the key proposals would allow research on test-tube embryos that were part-human, part-animal — referred to as “chimeras”.The changes, which ministers say have “fundamental social, legal and ethical aspects”, are set out in a Department of Health “command paper” seen by The Sunday Telegraph. Homosexual couples will have the same parental rights as heterosexuals and, for the first time, all parents will be banned from choosing the sex of their baby for non-medical reasons. However, embryos will be able to be screened for genetic abnormalities “which may lead to serious medical conditions, disabilities or miscarriage”.


IVF father figure clause is to go
BBC  14 Dec 06
The government is to abolish the requirement for fertility clinics to consider the need for a father when deciding whether to offer treatment.