Day nursery may harm under-3s, say child experts

UK Telegraph 21 Oct 06
An eminent group of child-care experts raises serious concerns today about the long-term effects of putting very young children into inadequate day nurseries. In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, they call for an “urgent national debate” on whether children under three should be cared for by anyone other than trusted and familiar figures in their lives.The group, including the psychologist and author Steve Biddulph, Sir Richard Bowlby, the president of the Centre for Child Mental Health in London and Prof Allan Schore, the renowned American child psychologist, demand clearer vision on what babies and very young children need to develop emotionally. “Consistent, continuous care by a trusted figure is the key to providing a secure and nurturing environment for very young children,” the letter says. “Research suggests that its absence can lead to behavioural difficulties.”