Crime rate up 6.9pc in past year

NZPA 02 Oct 06
New Zealand’s crime rate increased by almost 7 per cent in the year to the end of June with a 10 per cent increase in violent crime, according to statistics released by the Police Commissioner.
Key points:
Murders increased by almost a 1/3’rd – 31%
10.2 per cent increase in recorded violence
* districts with the most significant increases in recorded violence cited alcohol as the principal factor along with youth gang activity
sexual offences Counties Manukau increase from 400 offences in 2004/05 to 586 in 2005/06 – an increase of 47 per cent.
* Drugs and anti-social crime increased 6.3 per cent – methamphetamine-type drugs – recording an increase of 50 per cent.
* “significant increase” in property damage – a 15.3 per cent increase – which was due to the activities of youth gangs and graffiti tagging
* increase of 17.4 per cent in recorded domestic violence offences

The reason – according to Commissioner Broad?
Nope – nothing to do with more crime being committed. Official reason – “Some of the increase in recorded offences could (my emphasis added) also be attributed to changes in recording practices associated with changes to the police central computer system”

Unbelievable comments from Minister of Police
“The more crime reported, the better the intelligence police could develop about crime patterns, and the better the intelligence, the better placed police were to prevent crime occurring” …….
“My concern, however, is to get the best information we can. The Government wants to make all our communities safer, but that can only happen if we know what the true level of crime is in society. The increase of 17.4 per cent in recorded domestic violence offences is an excellent example.

The government fails to acknowledge that the reason they have to build more prisons is because more crime is being committed