China linked to illegal brothels

North Shore Times Advertiser 12 Oct 06
The North Shore has become a haven for “production line” Chinese brothels with possible gang connections. That’s the message North Shore City Council has given to a parliamentary working group looking into problems with the Prostitution Reform Act.The group was in Auckland to hear from groups about the impact of the current prostitution legislation. Areas under review include soliciting, underage involvement in prostitution and council regulation of brothels. But United Future MP and working group member Gordon Copeland says he was alarmed to hear the North Shore police and local immigration had been gagged.Mr Copeland says meetings were cancelled when police and immigration failed to turn up and he was told they were absent because of orders from Wellington. “Somebody in Wellington seems to have taken fright. We want to do the work thoroughly and it’s vital to hear from immigration and the police,” Mr Copeland says.,2106,3825565a6016,00.html