Scots eating even less fruit and veg despite health drive

The Scotsman 14 Sep 06
?100 million, ten-year government health drive fails to improve Scots diet
Experts say shows need for working between Executive and food industry
Obesity rates still soaring with 22% of men and 26% of womenA ?100 million, ten-year government health drive has failed to improve Scotland’s diet, according to a damning report, which reveals many of the country’s eating habits are worse than they were a decade ago. Targets for healthy eating set in 1996 had not been met by 2005, with consumption of fruit and vegetables and oily fish down, while sugar consumption has risen. Salt and fat reduction targets had also been missed.The figures have led the report’s authors to call for new legislation to enforce healthy eating, saying: “So pervasive is poor diet that reliance on individual choice as the prime ideology in shaping food supply is no longer an adequate policy or ideology.”