CYF takes more than 250 babies

Christchurch Press 20 Sep 06
Over 250 babies have been taken into Child, Youth and Family (CYF) care in the past year – a massive increase in the number of families facing state intervention. New figures released by CYF show 255 infants under a year old were removed from their parents in the year ending June – eight within 24 hours of birth and 33 within seven days.The number of early interventions has almost doubled since 2004 – a phenomenon advocates say is probably the result of increased public awareness of child abuse and closer collaboration between government agencies.,2106,3802723a10,00.html

Family First is concerned at the lack of external and independent accountability on CYF – these figures comfirm an even greater need for a Complaints Authority – what comeback do these parents have? Do CYF always get it right?? See our recent Press Release – Family First supports call for CYF Complaints Authority