Modern Women ‘Happy To Be Housewives’

LifeStyle Extra UK 3rd Aug 06
Today’s young women have abandoned feminism and are ready to live the life of an old-fashioned housewife, according to a new survey.
And, given the choice, they would rather be dating a Prince than be a high-flying career girl as more would rather be Prince William’s squeeze Kate Middleton than supermodel Kate Moss.
Forty years after the ‘Women’s Lib’ movement, less then a quarter of today’s twenty-somethings – dubbed the “Easy Girl” generation – aim to be a career woman, with seven-out-of-10 saying they are not willing to work as hard as their mum had to. Almost one-in-four said they would be happy to be homemakers, with women happy to rely on their man as long as he keeps the money rolling in.