Big Brother database to record the lives of all children

Daily Mail (UK) 27 June 06
The home life of every child in the country is to be recorded on a national database in the ultimate intrusion of the nanny state, it has emerged. Computer records holding details of school performance, diet and even whether their parents provide a ‘positive role model’ for 12 million children will be held by the Government.Police, social workers, teachers and doctors will have access to the database and have powers to flag up ‘concerns’ where children are not meeting criteria laid down by the state. The ‘children’s index’, which will cost the taxpayer ?224 million, will even monitor whether youngsters are eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a daywhether they go to church or are struggling to get good marks at school.One assessment records whether a pre-school child is in day care – suggesting that those who are looked after by their mothers at home are not conforming to the state ideal.Critics said the plan would sideline on an unprecedented scale the rights of parents to bring up their children in the way they see fit and amount to a ‘bar-coding’ of youngsters. They questioned how the Government knew better than parents on the correct way to bring up a child, and warned that it would deter decent families from seeking help for fear of being branded at risk.It could take just two warning flags on a child’s file to trigger an investigation.
Bob’s comment – YES the UK has 4 Children’s Commissioners. Scary!!!!

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