• value your vote 2014 large banner authorisation

    JUST RELEASED: Value Your Vote

    Friday, July 25, 2014

    If you value your family, then value your vote this election. Go to www.valueyourvote.org.nz to find out how the politicians voted and what their views are on important family issues…

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  • JUST RELEASED: Mum on a Mission

    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    THE YOUTUBE VIDEO POLITICIANS DON’T WANT NZ PARENTS TO SEE In 2007, politicians changed the laws making it illegal for parents to use smacking as form of correction with their children. The referendum in 2009 revealed that 87% of New Zealanders opposed this move believing that it wouldn’t solve genuine child abuse but would lead […]

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  • CHOOSE LIFE Ribbon Campaign Ad THIS ONE

    Join Our Campaign!

    Thursday, March 13, 2014

    “Choose Life” ORDER YOUR RIBBONS NOW! We’re stoked to announce the launch of the CHOOSE LIFE PINK & BLUE RIBBON CAMPAIGN Show your support by proudly wearing or displaying the ribbon. This is a simple but powerful way to display your support for the health and wellbeing of mothers (and fathers as well!), and the […]

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  • Family First Phone app advert

    Family First Phone App Out Now

    Sunday, February 16, 2014

    DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW: You can now be an online activist for family issues in NZ! Be informed and empowered on issues important to your family.  

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  • Family First – Speaking Up

    Monday, May 27, 2013

    WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE. You’ll find the latest news, research and essays on family issues that we think kiwi families need to be aware of. Our aim is to inform and empower families in New Zealand. If you’re unaware of the work of Family First, please take a moment to watch this 8 minute promo. […]

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  • My Mummy’s a Criminal

    Saturday, May 25, 2013

    In 2007 the NZ Parliament removed the right of Kiwi parents to use reasonable force to physically discipline their children for the purpose of correction. Despite assurances to the contrary, families have been torn apart, accused of lying and dragged through the courts with disturbing results. These are just a few of the many examples…

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  • Family watchdog cartoon

    Family First NZ – The Family Watchdog

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013

    5 REASONS WHY NZ FAMILIES NEED THEIR OWN WATCHDOG 1. BUSY FAMILIES AREN’T ALWAYS AWARE – mums and dads are so busy doing school drop-offs, keeping the house in order, working and paying the bills etc  that they often can’t keep up with all the issues that may affect them or that they are passionate […]

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  • what kids want

    What Your Kids Really Want for Dinner

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    “What Your Kids Really Want for Dinner is You” was one of the billboards in a campaign run by Family First recently. Read the research on the benefits of family dinners on our RESEARCH page “Family Meals” CLICK HERE

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>> The Latest News


Filter to block offensive material in videos

Herald Sun March 23, 2010 Parents may soon be able to filter out sex, violence and swearing from movies played in their own homes. New DVD players let viewers block any nasty surprises when watching movies with the kids. Subscribers to US website ClearPlay can download filters for specific films that allow parents to prevent scenes […]


Dads happy to stay home

Herald on Sunday Mar 21, 2010 Kiwi men are increasingly likely to brandish aprons as axes, and do the dishes rather than the dirty on their partners. The rise of the house husband seems unstoppable, with Statistics New Zealand revealing the number of men looking after a child in their household leapt from 343,893 men […]


Aussie parents to defy UN smacking ban

The Sunday Telegraph (Aust) March 21, 2010 Parents will continue to be allowed to smack their children despite an international push to ban corporal punishment in the home, Government says. A New South Wales (NSW) State Government review of smacking laws obtained by The Sunday Telegraph has rejected an international trend to outlaw the practice. Under […]


Pressure on family rises as reward hits $50,000

Sunday Star Times 21/03/2010 The reward for information leading to the conviction of the Kahui twins’ murderer has been doubled to $50,000 – a move  the twins’ aunt believes could crack the case. Denise King, half-sister of the twins’ mother, Macsyna King, was unaware of the reward – which was first offered at $25,000 by Family […]


Married people ‘twice as likely to be fat’

Telegraph (UK) 20 March 2010 Greek researchers found that married couples were more likely to become fat due to their significantly changed lifestyle as they “let themselves go”. Married men are three times as likely to suffer obesity while married women are twice as likely to have weight problems, it found. The research, based on […]


Crow defends Boobs parade

Manawatu Standard 20/03/2010 Bare-breasted women will cruise the streets of Palmerston North, Levin and Whanganui next month if plans to expand the controversial Boobs on Bikes parade go ahead. Pornographer Steve Crow is holding his Erotica Expo and Boobs on Bike parade in Palmerston North over Anzac Weekend, despite complaints from people opposed to sharing […]