Warnings over proposed abortion laws

ABORTION pencil life

Newstalk ZB 7 June 2014 A conservative lobby group believes relaxing the laws on abortion will only lead to dangerous, unlicensed terminations. Family First is pointing to the Kermit Gosnell case in the US, where it says extreme abortion laws led to a woman’s death. Director Bob McCoskrie says the current law has safeguards in […]

Greens’ abortion law will ‘pressure’ women – Family First


3News 7 June 2014 Family First says the Green Party’s push to decriminalise abortion will put more pressure on women to have one without the necessary safeguards. But Labour says women should be able to access abortions and the law needs updating. The Greens said yesterday they wanted to decriminalise abortion and start treating it […]

Abortion no crime, say Greens

abortion scan face

Stuff co.nz 7 June 2014 The Greens have ratified a policy on abortion, which would get rid of a process a certified consultant says is “perfectly workable”. Abortion is a crime under the Crimes Act, and is legal only if two consultants agree that the pregnancy would seriously harm the woman’s physical or mental health, […]

Greens want to decriminalise abortion

Man Holding Unborn Child

Radio NZ News 6 June 2014 The Green Party has ratified a formal policy on abortion, making it the only party in Parliament to have one. It would legislate to decriminalise abortion and protect the right to end a pregnancy. Having an abortion in New Zealand is still a crime under the Crimes Act, unless […]

The Nat’s position on cannabis

National Party 3

Thank you for contacting me regarding cannabis legislation in New Zealand. This Government has no plans to change the legal status of cannabis. We do not think that there are any benefits for decriminalising or legalising cannabis, for medicinal purposes or otherwise, which outweigh the harm it causes to society. I have seen too much […]

Canada’s new prostitution law


3News 5 June 2014 Canada’s attorney-general has unveiled a law that makes it legal to sell sex to individuals but illegal to buy it, after the high court struck down an anti-prostitution law. The new law switches the focus of criminal charges from sellers of sex to potential buyers, and prohibits advertising sexual services. “We’re […]

Is There a Gay Teen Suicide Epidemic?


LiveScience 8 October 2010 In the wake of the suicide death of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, the nation’s attention has been focused on what many have called an epidemic of gay teen suicides. For example, Ciara Thomas, a writer for the website HealthyPlace.com (“America’s Mental Health Channel”) states that, “For a number of years, […]

The Cinderella Law: Emotional correctness gone mad (UK)


The Independent 5 June 2014 Whatever the intention of the promoters of the new “Cinderella Law”, its main accomplishment will be to turn the emotional landscape of family life into a dangerous battlefield. The aim of this law is to change existing legislation on child neglect by expanding the meaning of criminal abuse to encompass […]

Kids online a challenge for parents

computer child

NZ Herald 5 June 2014 Kiwi parents believe their children spend too much time online and more are using digital technology as a babysitter, a survey says. The report from online security company AVG Technologies also found 31 per cent of Kiwi parents said their child threw a tantrum when a device was taken off […]

Plea to govt post election: crack down on alcohol


NZ Herald 5 June 2014  Church and health leaders are calling on all parties in the upcoming election to raise the price of alcohol and phase out alcohol advertising and sponsorship. A four-point “call for action on alcohol”, issued today, has been signed by the heads of general and specialist groups of doctors and nurses, […]