The conspicuous silence from euthanasia activists about Belgium’s horrific child euthanasia law

EUTHANASIA sick child

LifeSiteNews 19 February 2014 The Belgian Parliament passed a change to their euthanasia laws on the 14th of February making euthanasia available to minors – children. One commentator incorrectly – but nonetheless poignantly called it a ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’. Most, however, questioned the ability of minors to make such grave decisions and/or the problems with euthanasia […]

Transgender boy walks with pride

gender neutral

NZ Herald 23 February 2014 The parents of a seven-year-old transgender boy are in discussions with an independent film maker to chart the next decade of their child’s life as he undergoes medical changes. Born into a girl’s body, Ben Brockwell-Jones’ story hit the headlines last year after his parents Wes and Rebecca Jones made […]

Here’s the problem with CYF – in a nutshell

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From an OIA request by welfare commentator Lindsay Mitchell

Why healthy people choose to end their lives in a suicide clinic

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The Australian 19 February 2014 Women, the rich, the educated and the lonely are most likely to choose assisted suicide, according to a Swiss study. About 16 per cent of those helped by right-to-die organisations such as Dignitas had no underlying illness, the researchers found, suggesting that “weariness with life” was an increasingly common reason […]

Bake Us a Cake, or Else!


National Review Online 18 February 2014 For years now, a central argument of those in favor of same-sex marriage has been that all Americans should be free to live and love how they choose. But does that freedom require the government to coerce those who disagree into celebrating same-sex relationships? A growing number of incidents show […]

Euthanasia has a proven ‘slippery slope’ – Sue Reid

euthanasia sue reid

Published in Dominion Post 18 Feb 2014 There are hundreds of parents that belong to a unique club with a life-long membership that they never wanted to sign up to – the club of ‘parents that have lost children before their time’. We gained our ‘badge’ in 1999 after our first son was born without […]

NZ euthanasia campaigner wants euthanasia for children

EUTHANASIA Post it note

3 News 17 Feb 2014 The champion of euthanasia in New Zealand says Belgium’s bold move of euthanising children is already happening here. Lesley Martin says the only difference here is it’s happening covertly, and without official sanction. But she’s keen to see us follow the country that’s now gone the furthest of any when it […]

Turf war between sex industry bosses

prostitution protest

NZ Herald 1 Feb 2014 Sex industry bosses battled each other in court this week as Calendar Girls owner Jacqui Le Prou tried to stop Wellington brothel kings the Chow brothers moving into Auckland. ..Allegations were made at a hearing into two liquor licence applications for premises in central Auckland before the city’s Alcohol Regulatory […]

Analyst: Facebook’s New Gender Pronouns Contributes to Cultural Confusion

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Citizen Link 14 February 2014 Facebook users now have more than 50 terms to choose from — in addition to him, her or them — when choosing their online “gender” preference. The Associate Press, which broke the story Thursday, interviewed Focus on the Family Gender Issues Analyst Jeff Johnston. He told the news outlet that […]

Child abuse ‘culture shift’

CYF 15 February 2014 Parents who cannot keep their newborns safe are increasingly being dobbed in by their family and the public. After the murder of 3-year-old Rotorua girl Nia Glassie in 2007, there has been a sharp rise in the number of newborn babies removed from their parents, with scores ending up in foster […]