MP aims to end street prostitution

street prostitute

3News 18 March 2014 New Zealand First MP Asenati Lole-Taylor does not like street prostitution, which is unfortunate because most nights it happens right under her nose. The MP has an office in Papatoetoe’s Hunters Corner – and it’s from there she’s been running surveillance. She’s been gathering evidence to support her Members’ Bill which […]

Labour: Loan shark report a ‘squandered opportunity’

loan shark

3News 18 March 2014 A select committee looking into a bill addressing unscrupulous money lenders has suggested changes the Government believes will crack down on the practice. However, Labour says the committee’s report does not go far enough and has missed an opportunity to address the toughening up on exorbitant rates charged by loan sharks. […]

Communities can’t stop binge drinking on their own – Study

alcohol binge culture cartoon

Sydney Morning Herald 13 March 2014 Community action and education campaigns fail to curb binge drinking, assaults and serious alcohol-related harm, an Australian-first study has found. Researchers say that without tighter legislation – including restrictions on availability, price and promotion of alcohol – basic action led by communities has no effect on dangerous drinking. The […]

Calls for Len Brown to resign


OneNews 16 March 2014 Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he will remain as mayor because the ratepayers want him to be. Speaking on TVNZ’s Q A programme Mr Brown said that most Aucklanders want him to move on from last year’s affair scandal and get on with the job of being their mayor. “Most people […]

ACC to take lead in sex education

sex education

Stuff 15 March 2014 ACC is stepping boldly into the minefield of sex education, amid claims that schools are failing to teach teens how to say “no”. The national accident insurer received 4800 sexual violence claims last year and spent about $44 million treating the victims. Hundreds of claims come from children under 14. […]

Sex education: is ‘Planet Porn’ really appropriate?

sex education blackboard

The Telegraph 11 March 2014 Should sex education classes include discussions on pornography? According to new advice launched last week to supplement the government’s own sex and relationships education guidance, they most certainly should. What is more, the advice, jointly published by Brook, the Sex Education Forum and the PSHE Association, claims that lessons addressing issues […]

‘Vile’ child pornography getting ‘more extreme’, warns minister UK


The Telegraph 11 March 2014 Child pornography is becoming “more extreme and violent” and the images feature increasingly young children, the policing minister has warned. Damian Green said a new computer database, being built with government backing, will attempt to speed up the way police can investigate the online images of child abuse. But he said the problem […]

CNN Poll: 58 Percent of Americans Oppose Abortion in All or Most Cases

usa flag 10 March 2014 Overlooked in the CPAC shuffle of late last week were the results of a nationwide CNN survey on abortion, the results of which confirm America’s anti-abortion trend.  A solid majority (58 percent) of respondents espoused viewpoints associated with the pro-life movement; namely, that abortion should be legal under “few” or “no” […]

Nine out of 10 women say doctors must see abortion patients before giving green light – poll


The Telegraph 11 March 2014 Women overwhelmingly oppose moves to allow doctors to approve abortions without seeing patients face-to-face, new polling shows. Only one in 20 people disagree with the statement that pregnant women requesting a termination should “always” be seen by a qualified doctor before being given the go-ahead. Although both men and women agree that patients […]

New fathers shun chance to share maternity leave

father and baby

The Telegraph 11 March 2014 Only one in 50 new fathers currently take up the chance to share up to six months of their wife or partner’s maternity leave, figures show. Fears of damaging their career prospects and having to struggle on a lower income have deterred all but a tiny minority of fathers eligible for the extra […]