Ben Carson Defends Biblical Definition of Marriage

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The Blaze 20 June 2014 Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson has freely shared his theological views since his bold 2013 National Prayer Breakfast speech catapulted him onto the national stage — and in a recent interview he affirmed his support for the biblical definition of marriage, encouraging Christians to stand up against “intolerance.” When asked […]

Busting income splitting myths

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IMFC 25 June 2014 Who knew tax policy could be so … exciting? Partisan politics have pulled income splitting into the stratosphere of political bickering. The Conservatives had made income splitting an election plank in 2011, to be implemented when the budget was balanced. With balanced budgets purportedly upon us, many eagerly welcomed the prospect. […]

High rate of chlamydia in teens

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Stuff 26 June 2014 “Staggeringly high” rates of chlamydia have been reported among New Zealand teenage girls. A report by Environmental Science and Research (ESR) was the first time data was collated from every laboratory in the country on people tested, as well as the number of new sexually transmitted infection (STI) cases found. […]

Denmark OKs legal gender change on demand


LifeSiteNews 25 June 2014 Europe’s largest homosexual activist organization, ILGA Europe, has praised Denmark’s Parliament for allowing citizens to change their sex on identification documents on request. Last week, Danish parliamentarians passed a measure allowing a legal sex change without, as previously required, a diagnosis of gender identity disorder and sterilization. The new law will […]

Promise of ‘safer’ prostitution a myth


Stuff 26 June 2014 Sex workers in Christchurch are experiencing violence or abuse on at least a monthly basis, police say. Detective Senior Sergeant Darryl Sweeney, the adult sexual assault team manager, said police were concerned by the “fairly common” victimisation of Christchurch’s prostitutes, much of which went unreported. Sex workers were often reluctant […]

Abortion rate declines in Bay

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Bay of Plenty Times 25 June 2014 Bay of Plenty abortion numbers are dropping as nationwide rates hit a 20-year low. Latest figures from Statistics New Zealand show 726 abortions were performed in the Bay of Plenty last year, down from 773 in 2012 and 821 in 2011. Nationwide abortion rates for 2013 were the […]

US Libraries Stock Fairy Tale Gay Marriage Book

The Prince and the Treasure

The Christian Post 20 June 2014 The author, Jeffrey Miles, told The Christian Post in an emailed statement that his children’s book “tells the story of two handsome princes who go on a quest to save a princess, but fall in love with each other, get married, and live happily ever after.” Miles, a professor […]

NZ (tries to) brushes off human trafficking report


Stuff 21 June 2014 Investigations into human trafficking in New Zealand have found no concrete evidence it was happening, the immigration minister says. The US State Department Trafficking in Persons 2014 Report, released today, said foreign men and women were subject to forced labour and sex trafficking in New Zealand, but the government had […]

Deadly secrets could be exposed

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

Stuff 21 June 2014 Changing the way doctors certify deaths could expose significant numbers of hidden voluntary euthanasia cases among the elderly, the chief coroner says. As elderly patients are nursed to death, physicians or relatives could mercifully, but illegally, hasten their death and escape without conviction, Judge Neil MacLean said. In most circumstances, […]

Denying kids a daddy – it’s not a gift


NZ Herald 21 June 2014 Grant Triplow is 43 and describes his build as athletic. He is 178cm tall and weighs 90kg. His hair and eyes are dark brown and he has olive skin. These facts, without his name attached, along with his occupation and medical history are how he will first be encountered by […]