10 Good Reasons to Change the Anti-Smacking Law – Reason #8 – Hannah & Brian

protect good parents 10 good reasons

The politicians told us the anti-smacking law was not about banning smacking, yet CYF choose a different approach. Did the politicians mislead us, or are CYF a law unto themselves? Perhaps both apply. WATCH this 5-minute clip and judge for yourself!   “They came to me for help… It’s devastating to be put in this place that […]

Labour plans free care in pregnancy

ABORTION asian couple

NZ Herald 9 August 2014 Pregnant women would get free dental care, doctors’ visits and prescriptions under a Labour Government in a plan to be unveiled at the party’s campaign launch. Labour officially kicks off its election push with an Oscar Kightley-hosted launch at the Viaduct Events Centre tomorrow afternoon. The Weekend Herald understands a […]

NZ parents go offshore for their baby dream


NZ Herald 9 August 2014 A clampdown on paid surrogacy in Thailand following the abandoning of Down syndrome baby “Gammy” by his Australian parents, will shut the door on desperate Kiwi couples – but there are other options. Thai authorities said they would now only allow paid surrogacy if the intended parents were medically infertile […]

Male prisoners jump at transgender privileges (UK)


The Sunday Times 27 July 2014 A SHARP increase in the number of male prison inmates living as women has prompted a government review amid concern that some could be fooling officials to obtain privileges. Up to 100 transgender prisoners now have the right to ask to wear women’s clothing, to use private washing facilities […]

Crowd’s call likened to Nazi chant

internet mana f john key

NZ Herald 8 August 2014 An Internet-Mana Party video clip of a frenzied crowd cheering on Kim Dotcom and chanting “F*** John Key” is being compared to Nazi Germany propaganda – although a political marketing expert concedes it could appeal to youth. The Prime Minister was dismissive of the video, saying he did not want […]

Lobbyists to seek charity status


Radio NZ News 7 August 2014 Non-profit groups originally denied charity status for being too political plan to re-apply after the Supreme Court ruled political activity should not make a difference. The ruling was a victory for Greenpeace, which fought through the courts for five years to regain the right to be considered a charity. […]

Why new mums shouldn’t rush back to work

Tired mother

NZ Herald 5 August 2014 Many new mothers suffer from extreme tiredness even four months after giving birth, prompting experts to warn they should not hurry back to work. An Australian study found half of new mothers were still ‘excessively sleepy’ 18 weeks into motherhood. The findings have ‘significant implications’ for decisions-makers about the length […]

Transgender changes in schools would increase confusion – Family First

gender boy girl

OneNews 5 August 2014 New recommendations to make schools more accessible to transgender students will simply cause young people more confusion, a social commentator says. An action plan developed by a research group out of Auckland University calls on schools to install toilet and changing facilities for an increasing number of adolescents who identify as […]

Study finds violent games increase crime risk

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3News 5 August 2014 Violent video games glorifying antisocial characters could increase teenage gamers’ risk of criminal and other risky behaviour like smoking and alcohol use, a US study has found. Adult-rated games also affect teenage users’ self-image, according to the study by Dartmouth College researchers published on Monday in the Journal of Personality and […]

Call for CYF family conferences review


Radio NZ News 4 August 2014 A youth lawyer is calling for a review of family conferences run by Child, Youth and Family (CYF), in which young offenders meet their victims. An independent report has criticised the conferences as overly bureaucratic and having significant shortcomings. The conferences are meant to involve a number of people, […]