Euthanasia for ‘depressed’ alleged murderer (Aust)

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Mobile News 4 July 2014 EUTHANASIA campaigner Philip Nitschke denies he went too far in helping a fit and healthy but depressed man end his life. Perth man Nigel Brayley, 45, died in May after taking euthanasia drug Nembutal, because he feared he would be charged with his wife’s murder. His former wife Lina, 37, […]

Euthanasia legitimate up to a point, says Key

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NZ Herald 5 July 2014 Prime Minister John Key has signalled possible loosening of euthanasia laws, saying he would sympathise with “speeding up of the process” of death for a terminally ill patient. He told Family First director Bob McCoskrie in a public interview at a forum in Auckland yesterday that euthanasia would be “a […]

John Key rules out repealing anti-smacking law

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3 News 4 July 2014 John Key says he’s got no appetite to change the anti-smacking law despite the strong stance of a potential coalition partner. The Conservative Party is calling for the ban on smacking to be repealed and the matter could be a deciding factor in coalition talks after the election. But Mr […]

Is Facebook killing your marriage?

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MailOnline 3 July 2014 Researchers from Boston University found a correlation between social media use, marital issues and divorce. In particular, they concluded that Facebook is ‘a significant predictor of divorce rate and spousal troubles.’ The study, which was led by James E. Katz, the Feld Family Professor of Emerging Media Studies at the College […]

Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby on HHS mandate in 5-4 decision

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LifeSiteNews 20 June 2014 This morning the U.S. Supreme Court decided closely held corporations with religious objections cannot be compelled to furnish potentially abortion-inducing drugs to their employees by a 5-4 decision. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA) allows for closely-held corporations like Hobby Lobby to maintain their religious outlook and still do […]

1 in 3 women believe main role is in home

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The Telegraph 30 June 2014 Almost one in four British women believe their main role in life is to be a good wife and mother, an international study has found. Women in the UK are almost as likely as men to hold a traditional view on the role of the sexes, it shows. New global […]

Civil unions fall off but ‘still have place’

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Stuff 2 July 2014 Ten years ago a bill passed through Parliament, delighting those campaigning for the rights of same-sex couples across the country. The Civil Union Act 2004 led to the first civil unions being celebrated on April 29, 2005. A total of 3227 New Zealand couples have had civil unions till March […]

Child beauty pageants should be scrutinised over sexualisation concerns

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ABC News 27 June 2014 Child beauty pageants should be scrutinised as one of several ways to tackle the sexualisation of West Australian children, a parliamentary report has recommended. The report, prepared by WA Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on the Commissioner for Children and Young People, has labelled the sexualisation of the state’s children as a […]

Police operation prevents drug related harm


NZ  Police 30 June 2014 Police believe the true success of this year’s national cannabis operation is not the drugs destroyed, the guns seized or the suspects arrested but rather the harm that has been prevented from occurring in the community. Detective Senior Sgt. Scott McGill said that during Operation Lucy 105,000 cannabis plants were […]

Bear Witness to the Truth about Unborn Human Life

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The Heritage Foundation 19 June 2014 While it is a self-evident truth that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, including the right to life, what is self-evident in the technical philosophical sense is not always readily assented to, or immediately obvious. In many ways this is the […]