Porn less immoral than piracy – survey

NZPA 12/01/2010 Three times as many New Zealanders think it is morally acceptable for a single person to view pornography on the internet than to download copyrighted video, according to a new poll. The survey also indicates gender differences in what is morally acceptable behaviour, with women being overall less approving of viewing pornography, using […]

Naughty corners are a bad idea for kids, according to Melbourne expert

Herald Sun January 11, 2010 Time could be up for time out. A Melbourne expert says naughty corners and time out in bedrooms are inappropriate because they shame and humiliate. A Melbourne expert says naughty corners and time out in bedrooms are inappropriate because they shame and humiliate. The same goes for smacking, which education […]

Victims dad applauds law change

Bay of Plenty Times 20 January 2010 A Tauranga man whose daughter was murdered five years ago has welcomed the government’s three-strike policy annouced yesterday. Brian Brown whose daughter Natasha Hayden was strangled to death by Michael Curren at McLaren Falls in January 2005, said the policy was a step in the right direction and “a […]

Grieving mother blames cancer vaccine

NZ Herald Jan 9, 2010 Rhonda Renata is in no doubt about what caused the death of her daughter Jasmine. The 18-year-old died last September 22 at her family home in Upper Hutt, apparently in her sleep. It was six months since she had received the last of the three injections of the cervical cancer vaccine […]

Payroll donation scheme begins tomorrow

TV3 News 06 Jan 2010 Payroll giving allows employees to donate money directly from their pay packet to approved charities. From Jan 7, employees can receive an immediate tax break if they donate money to charities from their pay packet, provided their employers have signed up to the scheme. Payroll giving allows employees to donate money directly from […]

Child porn victims getting younger – Internal Affairs

NZ Herald Tuesday Jan 5, 2010 Children as young as a few months old are being targeted by New Zealand’s child pornography offenders, as they continue to seek even younger victims. According to the Department of Internal affairs, which prosecute child pornography cases, the average age of a victim is just five years old compared […]

Suicide link to a lack of sleep

Herald Sun January 04, 2010 Going to bed early is key to getting enough sleep and helping adolescents feel on top of the world, a study reports. A lack of sleep among youngsters may trigger depression and suicidal thoughts, according to the study by the Columbia University Medical Centre in New York. “Our results are consistent […]

Smacked children more successful later in life, study finds

smacking hand

The Telegraph 3 January 2010 A study found that youngsters smacked up to the age of six did better at school and were more optimistic about their lives than those never hit by their parents. They were also more likely to undertake voluntary work and keener to attend university, experts discovered. The research, conducted in the United States, […]

New Research: Why Never Spanking Might Be Worse for Kids Than Spanking Them

Newsweek Blog December 30, 2009 By Po Bronson In NurtureShock, we described some extensive cross-ethnic and international research on spanking by Drs. Jennifer Lansford and Ken Dodge. Their data suggested that if a culture views spanking as the normal consequence for bad behavior, kids aren’t damaged by its occasional use. To explain this shocker, the […]

Trend in babycare ‘scary’

The Nelson Mail 22/12/2009 A big increase in the number of under-ones in childcare is due to the fact it has become socially acceptable, says the head of a home-based childcare organisation. New figures in an Education Ministry report show a 21 per cent increase in four years to nearly 8000 under-ones in daycare. Porse […]