A smack works, says Kevin Rudd

Herald Sun Oct 17 09 PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has admitted he smacked his children for discipline. “I think I would be absolutely misleading your listeners to suggest that I had not. I have,” he said on radio 3AW on Friday. “And the rule that’s been applied in our family ever since they were tots is […]

Kiwis praising but still smacking kids

The Dominion Post 17/10/2009 Kiwi parents are choosing to praise rather than punish, a survey suggests. But almost half of the families surveyed still smacked their children, despite few believing it was effective. The Families Commission study interviewed 100 “ordinary families” – 117 caregivers – about the way they disciplined their children under five. The […]

Calls for girls to fight ad sexism

The Mercury (Aust) October 16, 2009 Tasmanian schoolgirls are being told to boycott their favourite brands in a fight against the “pornification of culture”. Author and activist Melinda Tankard Reist told students at Rose Bay High School yesterday to take a stand against advertising campaigns demeaning to women. She named Pepsi and Dove among the […]

54% of cot death babies shared a bed with parents

guardian.co.uk, 14 October 2009 More than half of all cot deaths take place when the baby is sharing a bed or sofa with a parent or parents, and may be linked to the mother or father having been drinking or taking drugs, a new study shows. The issue of co-sleeping has been controversial. Many mothers […]

Drink raises risk of harm for young, ministry says

NZ Herald Oct 14, 2009 Young people are more at risk than other groups of harm related to drinking alcohol, a Ministry of Health survey says. The Alcohol Use in New Zealand report issued yesterday said Maori men and women, Pacific men, and people living in poorer areas were also likely to suffer harm from […]

Sex education should touch on emotions, survey suggests

NZ Herald Oct 13, 2009 Most New Zealanders would have liked to learn more about the emotional side of sex during their sex education, says a survey by condom maker Durex. Sex education in New Zealand was dominated by “facts of life” topics such as puberty, pregnancy and menstruation, according to the latest Durex Sexual […]

Fears for children on ADHD drug (Aust)

AdelaideNow.com.au October 13, 2009 CHILDREN as young as five have attempted suicide or are severely depressed while on drugs to treat ADHD. The Advertiserhas obtained reports from the Therapeutic Goods Administration showing at least 30 children have had severe psychotic episodes and wanted to kill themselves. One boy, 7, became so depressed last year while […]

Children can ‘imagine away’ pain

BBC News 12 Oct 09 Children can be taught to use their imagination to tackle frequent bouts of stomach pain, research shows. A relaxation-type CD, asking children to imagine themselves in scenarios like floating on a cloud led to dramatic improvements in abdominal pain. The US researchers said the technique worked particularly well in children […]

Almost one in three young people ‘lack parental support’ (UK)

Guardian (UK) 12 October 2009 Almost one in three young people in the UK do not receive the support they need from their parents, a study published today shows. Just under a third of the 1,109 young people aged 16 to 25 who took part in The Prince’s Trust charity’s study said neither of their […]

Friends may care for each other’s children (UK)

Guardian (UK) 12 October 2009 Friends who look after each other’s children will no longer have to undergo criminal record checks and take childcare courses to make their arrangements legal, the children’s secretary, Ed Balls, revealed today. He has written to the children’s services watchdog, Ofsted, saying the law should not interfere with reciprocal childcare […]