Long-term relationships ward off Alzheimer’s – study

Herald Sun (Aust) July 04, 2009 BEING in a long-term relationship protects you against Alzheimer’s disease in later life, researchers say. People with a partner in middle age have half the risk of developing dementia of those who live alone.¬†Getting divorced and becoming widowed in mid-life raises the risk threefold. The study, by Swedish researchers, […]

Australian family dinners end in arguments

Herald Sun (Aust) July 02, 2009 FOR years families have been told not to eat dinner in front of the television but a survey of mothers shows it may be the least volatile mealtime option. The survey of 16,579 Australian mums found dinnertime for more than 40 per cent of families descends into arguments and […]

Bill to ban liquor ads on radio and TV defeated

TV3 News 02 Jul 09 A bill that would have banned liquor advertising on radio and television was defeated by a conscience vote of 80 to 36 in Parliament tonight. The Green Party bill proposed a total ban, with exceptions covering broadcasts from outside New Zealand or those that might appear in films. MP Metiria […]

Outrageous ads not so outrageous

The Wellingtonian 2 July 09 An advertising campaign targeted at central Wellington has outraged some, and left others simply speechless. The campaign features billboards and buses promoting TV3′s drama/comedy Outrageous Fortune. The advertisements are emblazoned with suggestive, partially-worded slogans. Bob McCoskrie, national director of family advocacy group Family First, said the billboards were offensive and […]

Kids lose if child abuse team goes, say agencies

NZ Herald Jul 01, 2009 Child advocates say children’s lives will be at risk because of a Government decision to close down a specialist team promoting public awareness of what to do about child abuse. Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) said yesterday that the team of 18 community social workers would be dismantled as […]

Smacking lobby offer rejected

The Press 01 July 2009 The Government has rejected a conditional offer from the promoters of the smacking referendum that would have enabled the unpopular ballot to be called off. Kiwi Party leader Larry Baldock wrote to Prime Minister John Key offering to call off the $9 million referendum, which asks: “Should a smack as […]

Child abuse reports increase

The Press 01/07/2009 Reports of child abuse and findings of emotional abuse and neglect have more than doubled in Christchurch over the past five years. Experts say the numbers will continue to rise as communities become more aware of child abuse. There are also fears that cases of neglect and emotional harm will escalate during […]

Greens’ medicinal cannabis bill voted down

Otago Daily Times¬†1 Jul 2009 The Green Party’s three-year campaign to allow cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes came to grief in Parliament tonight. Their bill failed on its first reading, voted down 86-34 on a conscience vote. Its promoter, Metiria Turei, pleaded with MPs to let it through so it could go to […]

Smacking poll in hands of mother

The Dominion Post 30 June 2009 The dark-haired, bespectacled woman talking forcefully across an outdoor table laden with scones, cake and drinks on Family First’s pro-smacking website does not have a bionic arm and cannot run faster than a speeding car. But Sheryl Savill is New Zealand’s $6 million woman. The mother of two and […]

Schools hiring debt collectors

The Dominion Post 29 June 2009 Cash-Strapped schools are flouting Education Ministry advice and turning to debt collectors to chase “voluntary” fees from parents. Principals say the tactic shows that schools are under-funded and want the Government to stop “playing games”. The Dominion Post has obtained documents under the Official Information Act that reveal cases […]