President Obama Downplays Dangers of Marijuana To The Detriment of Children

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World Congress of Families 24 January 2014 World Congress of Families  Managing Director Larry Jacobs decried President Obama recent assertion that marijuana is no more of a danger than alcohol. “What makes him an expert, besides admitting that he smoked pot in college?” Jacobs asked. In 1971, responding to lobbyist pressure for marijuana legalization, the […]

Can Marriage Cure Poverty?


New York Times 4 February 2014 With Democrats and Republicans pitted against one another in a vicious election-year battle over how to alleviate poverty, marriage is the policy solution du jour. Take a speech given by Senator Marco Rubio last month on the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, Lyndon B. Johnson’s governmental campaign […]

The facts prove kids do better

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Daily Telegraph 1 February 2014 CARDINAL GEORGE PELL Family structures are in the news. The push for same-sex marriage continues and in the campaign against random,   indiscriminate violence, against coward punches, the dysfunctional family life of many offenders surfaced briefly. Most of us know wonderful step-parents and single parents, but it is a commonplace that […]

Abortions Declining in U.S., Study Finds

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New York Times 2 February 2014 The abortion rate among American women declined to its lowest level in more than three decades in 2011, according to a new report released Monday that is widely considered the country’s most definitive examination of abortion trends. The 1.1 million abortions reported in 2011 represented a rate of 16.9 […]

Is “Sex Worker” a Legitimate Phrase?


Public Discourse 3 February 2014 There’s an interesting debate about the phrase “sex work.” It’s not a phrase that’s assimilated in human-resource terminology. It’s not quite something a career counselor would recommend as a legitimate job choice. Perhaps it’s because the work it’s suggesting is illegal in many parts of the world, perhaps because it’s […]

Yelling worse than smacking!


Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2014 Nearly every parent loses control and screams at the children now and then. But what if you do it repeatedly? Researchers suspect parents are yelling more. Parents have been conditioned to avoid spanking, so they vent their anger and frustration by shouting instead. … Teens whose parents use “harsh […]

Reaction to smacking experiment ‘no surprise’

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OneNews 31 January 2014 With smacking back in the the spotlight a social experiment has drawn some interesting results. TV ONE’s Seven Sharp hired actors to play out a scene at a park where a “naughty” child was seen to be “hit” by their mother. No children were actually hit. Onlookers didn’t know that the scene was staged […]

Marriage guidance could save Britain billions by staving off family break-up

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The Telegraph 29 January 2014 Encouraging couples to go to marriage courses or relationship counselling sessions could ultimately save taxpayers billions of pounds a year by reducing family break-up, a Government backed study concludes. The report, the first of its kind, calculates that some successful relationship initiatives could pay for themselves more than 11 times over when the social […]

Controversial brothel plan

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NZ Herald 29 January 2014 The cost of funerals may rise and children could be charged to camp at McLaren Falls but it will be 80 per cent cheaper to open a brothel under changes being considered by the Tauranga City Council. Elected members will debate proposed changes to user fees and charges at tomorrow’s […]

Labour, Greens crack over cannabis views

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3News 27 January 2014 Another major crack has emerged between Labour and the Greens – their incompatible views on marijuana. Last week they split on deep-sea drilling, and today Labour leader David Cunliffe dashed Green Party hopes of decriminalising cannabis if in power. New Zealanders are almost 50-50 when it comes to smoking cannabis. Nearly […]