Repeat abortions climb with increased contraceptive use: UK

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LifeSiteNews 15 April 2014 The British government has released statistics showing that while the teen pregnancy and abortion rates are dropping, the number of girls and women having repeat abortions continues to climb alongside steady increases in the use of artificial contraceptives. According to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Citizens, the statistics show […]

Is this the ‘tobacco moment’ for cannabis?

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The Independent 17 April 2014 Henry Cockburn was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002 at the age of 20. Before that he was a heavy cannabis user. His father, Patrick Cockburn, The Independent’s award-winning foreign correspondent, has long wondered whether the two were linked and spent months speaking to the world’s leading experts in the field. […]

The rise of ‘social’ surrogacy


Mail Online 16 April 2014 It used to be that surrogacy was considered an option exclusively for infertile couples, but it appears more and more women are doing it for less medically urgent reasons. According to Elle Magazine, ‘social surrogacy’ is on the rise, with mothers choosing not to carry their baby themselves in order […]

Poll finds stoned staff a growing concern

marijuana stoned driving 17 April 2014 Getting high before work is common for a wide range of Kiwis – and employers are increasingly undertaking drug testing themselves. The Global Drug Survey 2014, conducted in partnership with Fairfax Media, found that, of the 5646 New Zealand participants, 13.7 per cent of respondents had in the past year taken […]

Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes


USA Today 15 April 2014 Using marijuana a few times a week is enough to physically alter critical brain structures, according to a new study published Tuesday  in The Journal of Neuroscience. “Just casual use appears to create changes in the brain in areas you don’t want to change,” said Hans Breiter, a psychiatrist and […]

Fertility tourism: Couples desperate for a baby heading overseas


NZ Herald 15 April 2014 The Ashcrofts were the first New Zealand couple to take advantage of commercial surrogacy laws in India, which is only one of a handful of countries that allow surrogates to be paid. As a result of the 2002 law, lower costs, increasing medical infrastructure and the availability of surrogates, the […]

India court recognises transgender people as third gender


BBC News 15 April 2014 “It is the right of every human being to choose their gender,” it said in granting rights to those who identify themselves as neither male nor female. It ordered the government to provide transgender people with quotas in jobs and education in line with other minorities, as well as key […]

Calls for Easter shop laws overhaul

easter egg barcode 13 April 2014 Overly restrictive Easter trading laws have driven shoppers online at the expense of stores and Parliament should change the “outdated” law after the election, retailers say. Retail Association chief executive Mark Johnston said consumers were increasingly shopping online on Good Friday and Easter Sunday when most shops were forced to shut. […]

Transgender kids: Have we gone too far?

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The Globe and Mail 15 February 2014 What happens when your son tells you he’s really a girl? Twenty years ago, you probably would have crossed your fingers and tried to wait it out. Today, you might buy him a whole new wardrobe, find someone to prescribe hormone blockers, and help him live as a […]

Kenyan Churches Oppose Polygamy Legalization


Christian Post 8 April 2014 Churches across the East African nation of Kenya have expressed opposition to a bill that if signed into law would legalize polygamous marriages. As Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta considers signing the marriage bill into law, his administration faces the vocal opposition of multiple church groups. In late March, Christ is […]