Cool heads are needed on the abortion-breast cancer link

Abortion - breast cancer

MercatorNet 27 August 2014 A Mexican wave of moral indignation swept through the chattering class this month in Australia when the hypothesis was raised of a link between abortion and breast cancer. We heard, in shrill tones, that claims of such a link are “factually incorrect” (blogger Mia Freedman), “absurd” (Simon Breheny of the IPA) […]

The Colorado Marijuana Industry: Growing Like a Weed

Marijuana -growing like a weed

Focus on the Family August 2014 As more states look at loosening laws on the sale and use of marijuana, Colorado is offering a disturbing preview of what may be in store for them. Colorado OK’d the use of medical marijuana in 2000, as 23 others have over the last several years. But in 2013, […]

Analysis of Three Strikes so far

three strikes

Sensible Sentencing Trust August 2014 Having endured numerous cases of heinous crimes committed by repeat offenders, New Zealanders increasingly expressed a desire for tough sentencing laws for repeat violent and sexual offenders. SST worked tirelessly for the introduction of a Three Strikes policy into New Zealand law. We achieved this in 2010 and will continue […]

7 Reasons Why the Current Marriage Debate Is Nothing Like the Debate on Interracial Marriage

marriage interracial

Daily Signal 27 August 2014 Is opposition to same-sex marriage at all like opposition to interracial marriage? One refrain in debates over marriage policy is that laws defining marriage as the union of male and female are today’s equivalent of bans on interracial marriage. Some further argue that protecting the freedom to act publicly on […]

Two thirds of voters believe citizens-initiated referenda should be binding – survey

referendums being ignored

NZ Herald 27 August 2014 A key policy plank for NZ First and the Conservative Party has been given a boost after two thirds of voters said they believed citizens-initiated referenda should be binding on a Government. The Herald DigiPoll survey showed 66 per cent of respondents agreed such referenda should be binding while 22 […]

Election 2014: Labour’s three gender options for passports

gender confusion

NZ Herald 27 August 2014 Labour wants drivers’ licences and passports in New Zealand to offer three gender options. It also wants laws changed so that couples in de facto relationships and in civil unions can adopt, whether same-sex couples or heterosexual couples. And it wants better support for young people who are bullied over […]

Society wedded to fallacies on families

single parents australia

The Australian 23 August 2014 Kay Hymowitz has seen this all before. A renowned family scholar with New York’s Manhattan Institute, she’s spending this weekend on the Gold Coast, speaking about such matters at Consilium, the Centre for Independent Studies’ elite gathering of leaders from business, finance, academe, politics and community organisations. Hymowitz reports a […]

Parents set bad example by staying glued to smartphones


NZ Herald 27 August 2014 Parents who worry about their children constantly staring at their smartphones should set an example by not using their own devices so often – and set ground rules for screen-free mealtimes, parenting groups have said. The Government’s childhood star, Reg Bailey, told The Independent that British parents were letting “screens […]

LISTEN: Family First on Newstalk ZB re objectionable John Key Rap

audio family first

Discussing the issue with Newstalk ZB’s Larry Williams–song-threatens-to-kill-pm

Family First condemns ‘Kill the PM’ song

john key 2

3News 26 August 2014 The chief censor has received complaints and police are investigating a rap song which contains lyrics threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key and have sex with his daughter. Family advocacy group Family First has slammed the song, saying it “cannot go any lower”. Auckland-based outfit @peace’s ‘Kill The PM’ paints […]