Equal Rights but No Extra Rights says Author

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NZ Catholic.org 31 July 2014 World-renowned American neurosurgeon and author Ben Carson called on New Zealanders who believe in traditional marriage to speak up and be courageous — or lose the debate by default. Speaking at Family First’s 2014 Forum on the Family, Mr Carson said he believes in equal rights, but not in granting […]

MP wants progress report on prostitution bill

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Stuff co.nz 31 July 2014 It’s been nine years but there’s still a long road ahead to get street prostitution regulations in place for South Auckland. Labour’s Manukau East MP Ross Robertson wants the Local Government and Environment Select Committee to issue an interim report on the progress of the prostitution bill he sponsored through […]

‘Pro-Choice’ No Longer the Term used by Pro-Abortionists (US)

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NewYorkTimes 28 July 2014 For all the talk about women’s issues in this year’s midterm election campaigns, something is missing. One of the most enduring labels of modern politics — pro-choice — has fallen from favor, a victim of changed times and generational preferences. That shift might seem surprising in this political season, when there […]

Is the gay bullying plague in schools a myth?

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Mercatornet 29 July 2014 The Hon Christopher Pyne Minister for Education Dear Mr Pyne, I trust you, or your advisors, will give serious consideration to the medical evidence below and reconsider your decision to fund the so-called Safe Schools programme throughout Australia. The political justification for ‘Safe Schools’ programmes, or the associated ‘Gay-Straight Alliances’, is […]

It’s coming… next Monday!

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In response to the many inquiries we’re receiving as to when it’s coming, this is just a quick note to let you know that we will be releasing our popular election resource Value Your Vote next Monday. The voting record shows how existing MP’s have voted over the past four terms on controversial issues such […]

Amazing flip flops on same-sex ‘marriage’ (US)


Charisma News 27 July 2014 Are you ready to take a little test? I’m going to ask a series of short, informational questions followed by one philosophical question, so the test is in two parts. Part One: Informational Who said this and when did he or she say it? Quote: “I remain opposed to same-sex […]

Should birth certificates lie?


Mercatornet 28 July 2014 Does your birth certificate really tell the truth about your birth? For most, the answer to this will of course be yes. But for some people, the answer will actually be no. Emma Creswell is one of perhaps 70,000 children in Britain who have been born through donor conception and who […]

The Roe of Marriage: Traditionalists should defend their conception of the truth

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Mr. Anderson is a co-author of What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, and the William E. Simon Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Before Roe v. Wade in 1973, no one could have predicted that the Supreme Court would effectively create a national regime of abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy. […]

Ryan T. Anderson – What is Marriage?

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Ryan Anderson is a co-author of What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, and the William E. Simon Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. This is the Video of the lecture Ryan Anderson gave at Stanford earlier this spring has now become available. You can watch a 3 minute highlight reel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSRTUp1HRT4 The entire […]

Colorado sees rise in number of homeless after cannabis legalised

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The Telegraph 28 July 2014 Colorado’s legalisation of cannabis has led to an increase in the number of young people living on the streets, local shelters have said. The US state made history in January this year by becoming the first in the world to open stores licensed to sell marijuana legally. Proponents of the […]