Call for NZ Post To Withdraw Award From Book

parental advisory

Media Release 30 June 2013 Family First is calling on NZ Post to withdraw their support and the award from Ted Dawe’s Into the River book which won top prize in the annual New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards “This is an offensive and sexually explicit book which is completely inappropriate for young people, will […]

Tourism Board Wastes Taxpayer Funds On Marriage Stunt

tourism nz

Media Release 25 June 2013 Family First is slamming the NZ Tourism Board for wasting taxpayer money on a stunt which is politically motivated. It also discriminates against couples who are of the opposite sex. New Zealand’s tourism promoter is offering to fly two Australians to NZ and pay all ‘wedding’ expenses for them to […]

Smacking Law Confirmed As Spectacular Failure

child abuse to 2012

Family First Media Release 17 June 2013 Family First NZ says that six years since the anti-smacking law was passed in a supposed effort to lower our child abuse rates, it has been confirmed as a spectacular failure based on flawed ideology. Family First is also rubbishing claims by Prime Minister John Key that the […]

Sex Ed Preaches Sexual Licence, Not Sexual Health – Report

R18 report

Media Release 17 June 2013 A review of sex education resources recommended to adolescents in NZ has found that they are seriously flawed with both sins of commission and sins of omission, and that critical life and death information is distorted or ignored. The Report “R18: Sexuality Education in New Zealand – A Critical Review” […]

Drunk Parenting Given Green Light By Judge

alcohol drinking parents child

Media Release 10 June 2013 Family First NZ is slamming a decision by a Wellington District Court judge to dismiss charges against a grossly drunk mother who endangered the lives of her two boys in a potential house fire. “The neighbours had to intervene three times to help the mother and protect the children and […]

Paeroa School Reveals Agenda of Education Ministry

Ministry of Education

Media Release 7 June 2013 Family First NZ says that the Paeroa Central Primary School experience of being pressured to keep a violent pupil in schools despite the danger that the pupil would place other children in is just the tip of the iceberg as schools are pressured by the Ministry of Education and so-called […]

Govt Softens Easter Trading Laws As Pay-Back

easter egg barcode

Media Release 6 June 2013 Family First NZ believes that the National government wants to liberalise Easter trading laws as a pay-back for the ‘Mondayisation’ bill which was passed in April. “Families throughout NZ take time out for family holidays, camps, reunions, Easter church events, cultural and recreational events over Easter weekends. Even politicians take […]

Education Ministry Bullies School Into Accepting Violence

Chalkboard - Violence

Media Release 6 June 2013 Family First NZ is labeling the Ministry of Education “bullies” as they pressure Paeroa Central Primary school to re-enrol a violent pupil despite the danger that the pupil would place the other children in, but says that this case is just the tip of the iceberg as schools are being […]

Gov’t Should Remove Mixed Messages on School Fees

school fees

Media Release 31 May 2013 Family First NZ says that the government should say once and for all whether school fees are compulsory or not. “The mixed messages and confusion by both Labour when they were in government and now National has confused parents and resulted in some parents paying the fees and others refusing. […]

Warning To Marriage Celebrants

park wedding vows

Media Release 30 May 2013 Family First NZ says that information being sent to marriage celebrants by the Department of Internal Affairs about the new marriage laws does not clearly state the correct legal position. The email from the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages to all marriage celebrants this week refers celebrants to a […]