Push For Gender Confusion In Schools

gender toilets

Media Release 31 July 2014 Family First NZ is warning schools and parents about an agenda to bring gender confusion in to schools in areas such as changing rooms, sports teams and school uniforms. Auckland University’s Adolescent Health Research Group and Rainbow Youth are recommending to schools that school sports teams allow for gender diversity […]

Politicians Ignore Families’ Concerns on Street Prostitution

parliament missing in action

Media Release 24 July 2014 Family First NZ says that politicians are ignoring the concerns of families, lack the will to take appropriate action, and are happy to drag the ongoing problem of street prostitution into the next parliamentary term. Parliament was told today that the Select Committee report due originally in 2012 will not […]

The Marriage Pledge – Applying It At The Ballot Box 2014

My Marriage Pledge banner

In 2013, the politicians IGNORED thousands of your submissions. They IGNORED calls for a referendum on a massive cultural change, at the same time as demanding a referendum on state asset sales! They demanded their right for a conscience vote, yet voted to IGNORE the consciences of many celebrants, registrars, churches hosting weddings, and others in the wedding […]

Don’t Apologise for Putting Family First, Mr Cunliffe

Smiling family in the movie theater

Media Release 23 July 2014 Family First NZ says Labour leader David Cunliffe should not be apologising for putting his family first and having some holiday time with them. “All parents need some rest and recharging time, they need family time, and most importantly they need a good work-life balance,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director […]

Dr Ben Carson: Gay Marriage Is Like 2+2=5

ben carson youtube

Media Release 9 July 2014 Family First NZ held their annual Forum on the Family last week attended by the Prime Minister and other political leaders, and a special guest was Dr Ben Carson, professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery and paediatrics at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, where he has directed paediatric neurosurgery […]

The documentary politicians don’t want you to watch

mum on a mission advert

“Bathroom Bill” Rightly Flushed Away by Parliament

toilet men women 2

Media Release 6 July 2014 Family First NZ says that a controversial proposal by Labour MP Louisa Wall to include ‘gender identity’ as a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Human Rights Act has been rejected by her own party colleagues and others on the Select Committee and will be removed from consideration as part […]

Smacking Doco Proves Real Harm of Law to Families

mum on a mission dvd menu

Media Release 6 July 2014 Family First NZ has just released a new documentary on the anti-smacking law “MUM ON A MISSION” featuring the experiences of five more families. This is the sequel to the documentary from 2011 “MY MUMMY’S A CRIMINAL” which was viewed on YouTube over 12,300 times (despite being a 30 minute […]

Family Groups Tackle Crucial Family Issues

forum 2014 heading

Media Release 4 July 2014 More than 200 delegates representing more than 70 family-focused organisations and groups are gathering in Auckland today (Friday) for the eighth annual NZ Forum on the Family, hosted by Family First NZ. Speakers include Dr David Richmond (euthanasia) and Maggie Hamilton (sexualisation of children) and the topics of the anti-smacking […]

Court Undermines Values and Principles of Schools

court judgement

Media Release 27 June 2014 Family First is slamming a decision by the High Court to overturn a St John’s College school decision to set a hair standard, labelling it as disrespectful and setting a dangerous precedent. “Schools are working hard to instill values, discipline and respect in their students and they should be allowed […]