Shopping Giveaway Harmless Fun For Kids

new world little shop

Media Release 1 Sep 2014 Family First NZ is rubbishing claims by critics including Gareth Morgan that the New World ‘Little Shop’ promotion is harmful for kids, and says that kids should be allowed to be kids. “Children love acting like their parents and pretending to be shopping, choosing and paying for real-life food, and […]

Greens & Labour Politicising Bullying in Schools

bullying blackboard

Media Release 28 August 2014 Family First NZ says that both the Greens and Labour are wanting to politicise and sexualise school children under the guise of bullying programmes rather than deal with the school bullying issue as it should be dealt with. Labour has said that it will make it mandatory for schools to […]

Objectionable Hip-Hop Song Offensive to All NZ’ers

Closed ears

Media Release 26 August 2014 Family First is slamming Auckland hip-hop crew @peace for their new release containing lyrics that threaten to kill Prime Minister John Key and have sex with his daughter. “You cannot go any lower than this type of personal and offensive attack on a politician and their family, and all New […]

Miley’s Pop Porn Is Coming – Lock Up Your Kids

miley cyrus 3

Media Release 21 August 2014 Family First is encouraging parents to protect their kids from the ‘pop porn’ juggernaut Miley Cyrus who is heading to New Zealand in October. “Miley Cyrus is demonstrating – very successfully – that her focus is on ridding her fan base of her adoring teen and tween fans from her […]

Compare the Party Leaders on Moral Issues

value your vote 2014 leader summary

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Demand for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Underwhelms

Marriage 3rd reading header

Media Release 19 August 2014 Family First NZ says that one year on from the marriage law being politically manipulated, the demand for same-sex marriages has been underwhelming with just 318 same-sex couples rushing to take advantage of the new definition to formalise their relationship for the first time. The numbers have been boosted by […]

Human Rights Commission to prioritise Down syndrome discrimination

down syndrome child

PRESS RELEASE 16 AUGUST 2014 In light of the huge international interest around the surrogacy case involving baby Gammy and the father’s admission that he would have asked the surrogate mother to terminate her pregnancy if he’d known their son had Down syndrome, it is a significant development that in a world first, Saving Downs […]

Voters Wanting To Know Values of Candidates

screen shot home page

Media Release 18 August 2014 Family First NZ has had a massive response to its resource Value Your Vote 2014 which highlights the voting record of current MP’s on a number of controversial family and conscience issues from the past twelve years. The site– and also a free smartphone app – also finds out […]

Family Group Gets ‘F John Key’ Ad Banned

congratulations sign

Media Release 15 August 2014 Family First NZ is welcoming a decision by the Advertising Standards Authority to uphold their complaint and ban the Internet Mana party’s ‘Join the Revolution’ advert on YouTube which includes a crowd chanting “f*** John Key”. “Internet Mana dragged political debate to a new low level. A political advertisement which […]

Family Group Lays Complaint Over Internet/Mana Ad

internet mana f john key

Media Release 7 August 2014 Family First NZ has laid an official complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority over the Internet Mana party’s ‘Join the Revolution’ advert on YouTube which includes a crowd chanting “f*** John Key”. “Internet Mana is dragging political debate to a new low level. We really are in trouble as a […]