Virginia Tech Tragedy is a Wake-Up Call to Parents

George Barna – The Barna Group April 23, 2007 Researcher and bestselling author George Barna says the current public debate about the implications of the Virginia Tech tragedy is missing the point. “The animated conversations about gun control, campus security, counseling standards, campus communications, drug abuse and mental health funding do not address the core […]

Giving kids our worst shot

MercatorNet – Carolyn Moynihan 20 April 2007 Do we really want to go down the path of vaccinating children against deficits of moral intelligence and willpower? Launched nine months ago with the blessing of the United States Federal Drug Administration, Merck’s long-heralded remedy for cervical cancer has been predictably controversial. Any new vaccine is going […]

Bruce Logan: The Rise of Violence in Schools

Bruce Logan – NZCPR Essay 14 April 07 In 1989, just before the abolition of corporal punishment in schools, I was a member of the PPTA executive and invited to appear on a TV programme with Russell Marshall, the then Minister of Education. I commented that I was not convinced the majority of teachers were […]

Giving girls the wrong message

MercatorNet 13 April 2007 Graham Leo is the Principal of Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast of Australia An Australian principal objects to being press-ganged into a scheme to vaccinate schoolgirls against the HPV virus. In the early 1990s an Australian medical research team headed by Dr Ian Frazer at the University of Queensland made […]

Worst Violence is Abortion – Jim Hopkins

NZ Herald 23 Feb 07 ….. But the presence of Sue Bradford’s bill requires it to be challenged. Because it is utterly inconsistent to assert that the decision to do a violent thing before a baby is born is a matter of personal choice, but the decision to do a less violent thing after a […]

Why Religion Matters Even More: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability

December 18, 2006 Patrick F. Fagan – The Heritage Foundation Over the past decade, considerable research has emerged that demonstrates the benefits of religious practice within society.[1] Religious practice promotes the well-being of individuals, families, and the community. Of particular note are the studies that indicate the benefits of religion to the poor.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool at Christmas

12 December 2006 Author and Theologian Lewis B Smedes said To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover the prisoner was you. Justice depends on the effectiveness of the legal system. But offenders also have to deal with their own conscience, the legacy of their life, and their judgement to come. The […]

Smacking ban is slap in the face to parents

21 November 2006 Smacking ban is slap in the face to parents Published in the Christchurch Press Bob McCoskrie – National Director READ MORE

Bob McCoskrie: Onus on parents to set healthy example

NZ Herald 2006 A survey published in the New Zealand Medical Journal shows that children are not eating enough bread, fruit and vegetables, but plenty of chips, muesli bars and sugar-based drinks. The blame game continues – from McDonald’s to school tuck shops to TV advertising. Should we blame parents? Research from the Boston University […]

Kids Rule – Unless we learn to say ‘no’ we are brewing an enormous pot of trouble for our children

20 October 2006 Dr Peter West is Head of the Research Group on Men and Families at the University of Western Sydney. His last book was What is the Matter with Boys? (Choice Books, Sydney). See Boys’ Learning – a research group on men and families. We need to do the following: – reinforce parents’ […]