Bob McCoskrie: Smacking debate needs some correction

By BOB McCOSKRIE – The Dominion Post 12/06/2009 Linley Boniface (A question smacking of deceit, June 8) is right on one thing. We should not be spending $10 million on a referendum on the anti-smacking law. But we are for two reasons. First, , the politicians failed to listen to the overwhelming majority of Kiwis […]

Bob McCoskrie: Families Commission – An Outsider’s View

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First Published in Christchurch Press 3 June 2009 Let’s be honest. The Families Commission was set up by the previous Labour government as a sop to the United Future party with its then eight MP’s. United Future had run on a strong pro-family platform. Ironically, this kept in power […]

Sue Reid: Smacking laws were never about the real issue of child abuse

NZ Herald Apr 16, 2009 Sue Reid – Family First NZ It is a shame that we have a Families Commission that is driven by ideology rather than listening to families. Chief commissioner Jan Pryor espouses her beliefs that “positive parenting should never include a smack” (Herald, April 3). Her so-called justification for the anti-smacking […]

Families Commission Pushes Anti-Smacking Ideology

In an Op-Ed in the Timaru Herald (27 March 09) entitled “Positive Parenting means not having to smack” the Chief Commissioner of the Families Commission says: * the anti-smacking law is working well and is achieving what was intended (WRONG!) * the law change did not introduce any new criminal offence (WRONG!) * healthy, positive […]

Time for Clarity On Smacking Law

John Boscawen ACT MP NZCPR Midweek Politics 26 March 2009 All parents should have the fundamental ability to bring their children up as well rounded, law abiding citizens in the best way they see fit – a right that was taken away by Labour’s passage of Sue Bradford’s Anti-Smacking law 21 months ago. Labour and the […]

Alfie, Chantelle and the sheer madness of sex education that teaches nothing about morality

16th February 2009 MELANIE PHILLIPS WRITING IN THE DAILY MAIL (UK) The story of 13-year-old Alfie, who reportedly has become a father by 15-year-old Chantelle, is a fable for our tragically degraded times. Most of the attention has focused upon Alfie, who looks about eight and doesn’t even understand the word ‘financial’. But while Alfie’s […]

Informed choice and mass immunization programmes

Women’s Health Action Trust – Women’s Health Update Feb 2009 (partly funded by the Ministry of Health!) Christy Parker looks at some of the ethical issues surrounding mass immunization programmes targeting children and young people and argues that the principles of informed choice and consent must not be compromised by population health objectives. When extraordinarily […]

Bob McCoskrie: Is Gardasil a Godsend?

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First NZ Published in Christchurch Press 20 January 2009 The previous government’s commitment to spend $160m over four years on the Gardasil vaccine for cervical cancer may have been more as a result of aggressive marketing by the drug company but without adequate research to warrant the huge taxpayer […]

Prostitution law: a South Sea model?

Andrea Mrozek – 28 Nov 08 Canadians should be wary of the much-touted legalised regime in New Zealand. Success is such a slippery term. Particularly, it would seem, when it comes to prostitution. Does success mean getting government job training? Or does it mean getting out of the business altogether? Judging by the New […]

Permissive laws, permissive behaviour 21 Oct 08 The research shows that legalising same-sex marriage will increase prevalence of homosexuality, says a psychologist An accumulation of research from around the world finds that societies which endorse homosexual behavior increase the prevalence of homosexuality in those societies. The legalization of same-sex marriage—which is being considered by voters in several US […]