Sweden’s smacking ban

Sweden’s smacking ban. 6th March 2003 http://www.familyfirst.org.nz/media_centre/published_articles/articles/sweden_s_smacking_ban?download=1 Sweden’s Smacking Ban : More Harm than Good Robert E Larzelere – Associate Professor of Psychology University of Nebraska Medical Center   The Fatherless Families. 06 September 2002 http://www.familyfirst.org.nz/media_centre/published_articles/articles/the_fatherless_families?download=1 Experiments in Living – The Fatherless Families The Institute for the Study of Civil Society UK www.civitas.org.uk   Obesity. […]

What daycare can never do

Why moving toward more and more daycare at younger and younger ages is a wrongheaded direction for child development By Libby Simon, MSW, RSW. Institute of Marriage and Family Canada September 14 2011, It is often said that education is the cornerstone of a civilized society. The foundation for learning begins long before formal schooling […]

Bob McCoskrie: Why saying ‘I do’ is good for our families

BOB MCCOSKRIE – Dominion Post 27/06/2011 On April 29, two billion people worldwide sat in front of their TV screens as they witnessed one of the most public weddings in history – the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. No-one asked why they were getting married, why they didn’t get a civil union instead, […]

The illusion of limiting legalized euthanasia

By Derek Miedema, Researcher, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada May 19th 2011, So-called safeguards to limit the practice of legalized euthanasia don’t work, a recent paper suggests. Efforts to legalize assisted suicide and/or euthanasia typically include safeguards, intended to protect patients from abuse. Legislation allowing assisted suicide is controversial and so proposed limits often […]

The real harms of prostitution

MercatorNet 18 October 2010 Why would we legalise what women who have experienced it call ‘paid rape’ and voluntary slavery’? What is prostitution really like for the person in it? Recently The Economist ran a debate online about legalising prostitution. Putting the case against was San Francisco psychologist Melissa Farley, who is also the founder […]

Commercial imperatives prevail

Alcohol Action’s response to Government’s alcohol plans Published in the Dominion Post 26 August 2010 The Government made an interesting little promise when announcing their long awaited response to the Law Commission’s review earlier this week which, more than the timid and minimal response itself, sums up their irresponsible and uncaring attitude to the victims […]

A reminder that the administration of the abortion law is a travesty

By KARL DU FRESNE – The Dominion Post 20/07/2010 OPINION: It went unnoticed by the media, but Justice Minister Simon Power recently issued a press statement announcing that Rosemary Fenwicke had decided not to seek reappointment to the Abortion Supervisory Committee. There’s a story behind this. Dr Fenwicke, a member of the three-person committee since […]

Political grandstanding a futile gesture

By Garth George NZ Herald Jun 24, 2010 There are just eight days left for the Government to show some logic and common sense and to defer, at least, or abandon, at best, the costly, stupid and useless emissions trading scheme (ETS). I don’t accept what Act MP John Boscawen told a protest rally which […]

Bob McCoskrie: Pornography is not a private issue

Otago Daily Time Opinion 21 Jun 2010 What we do in the privacy of our room defines character, argues Bob McCoskrie. Further, the media should show the same level of indignation towards their promotion of the pornography industry as they have towards Shane Jones. In response to the viewing choices of Labour MP Shane Jones in […]

Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research

May 21, 2010 Visit this very good Australian website containing information to oppose the cloning of human beings and promote ethical stem cell research which does not rely on cloned human embryos. http://www.cloning.org.au/index.html