Gay Marriage: ‘A genuine threat to liberty’

Young Asian Chinese Family 4 Sep 2012 Christchurch Anglican pastor John Stringer says the bill would put many churches and community groups at odds with the law. MP Louisa Wall’s same-sex marriage bill will have a huge impact on NZ churches. Many gay people across the world oppose it; there is even a US gay website against gay […]

Critiquing the Case for Same-Sex Marriage


Matthew Flannagan is a Pastor at Takanini Community Church; Madeleine Flannagan is a Lawyer at Coast Legal. Together they blog at MandM. Equality and Non-Discrimination According to the General policy statement of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill (“the Bill”), the justification for affirming same-sex marriage as a human right is the notion of […]

Marriage, Religious Liberty, and the “Grand Bargain”

robert p george

Robert P George – McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University. July 2012 It was only yesterday, was it not, that we were being assured that the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex partnerships would have no impact on persons and institutions that hold to the traditional view of marriage as a conjugal union? Such […]

New study on homosexual parents tops all previous research

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NEW STUDY ON HOMOSEXUAL PARENTS TOPS ALL PREVIOUS RESEARCH Children of Homosexuals Fare Worse on Most Outcomes By Peter Sprigg – Family Research Council June 2012 In a historic study of children raised by homosexual parents, sociologist Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin has overturned the conventional academic wisdom that such children […]

Most gay-parenting studies are long on bias and short on hard data

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National Review 14 June 2012 Douglas W. Allen is the Burnaby Mountain Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia I am a Canadian economist who has worked on family issues in Canada and the U.S. for the past 26 years. Although I’ve mostly studied matters of divorce, custody, child support, and the […]

The New American Divide – Reasons for Inequality


The Wall Street Journal 21 January 2012 America is coming apart. For most of our nation’s history, whatever the inequality in wealth between the richest and poorest citizens, we maintained a cultural equality known nowhere else in the world—for whites, anyway. …But there’s a problem: It’s not true anymore, and it has been progressively less […]

Show your daughter…

Sexualisation of children in the media - protect your daughters

Bob McCoskrie – Family Violence Is Not A Gender Issue

white ribbon campaign

Published in the NZ Herald   Nov 2011 I won’t be wearing a white ribbon on November 25th. Don’t get me wrong – I would be the first in line to condemn violence against women, and the first to be held to account for my own actions and attitudes. But the well-intentioned White Ribbon Campaign, according […]

Hijacking the Brain — How Pornography Works

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Dr. Albert Mohler – Covenant Eyes Sep 2011 We are fast becoming the pornographic society. Over the course of the last decade, explicitly sexual images have crept into advertising, marketing, and virtually every niche of American life. This ambient pornography is now almost everywhere, from the local shopping mall to prime-time television. By some estimations, […]

Bob McCoskrie: Gay community cannot redefine marriage

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Dominion Post 26 October 2011 Deborah Russell says the state has no business in the marriage game, but then argues that the state should redefine marriage to allow same-sex marriage. Marriages are a matter of significant public concern, as the record of almost every culture shows. If it weren’t for the fact that sexual intercourse […]